The FrigAir COLD range offers, to the majority of vehicles in circulation, A/C System spare parts, Original and Aftermarket products from the most important manufacturers with different technologies.


Our catalogue covers almost all the cars, vans and trucks on the road. We are expanding our agricultural and earth-moving machinery range.


more than 4000 references in the catalogue

900 condensers

1000 compressors

1000 driers, pressure switches, expansion valves, evaporators, cabin blowers and consumables


A compressor is the most important part of the vehicle climate system.
The compressor is sucking in the refrigerant in a gas state with a low pressure. After compressing it up to a higher pressure, the hot gas is pumped into the condenser. At this stage the refrigerant exchanges the heat with the ambient and cools down nearly to ambient temperature, the pressure is still high. At the Thermostatic expansion valve the refrigerant expands, pressure and temperatures goes down. The cold refrigerant is now passing the evaporator and exchanging the heat with the hot cabin air.

When changing the compressors:

  • make sure that the refrigerant and the oil, that you want to use, match the new compressor standards;
  • make sure that in the compressor there's enough oil.

The compressors in the FrigAir catalogue have all:

  • the required amount of oil.
  • Adaptors and o'rings when needed.


We have a growing range of OE compressors, now in our catalogue more than 1200 references for cars, trucks, buses, agricultural and earthmoving machineries.

Products for Trucks, Buses, Agricultural and Earth-Moving Machineries


The condensers are heat exchangers that condensate the refrigerant making it liquid.
FrigAir offers different condensers with various constructive technologies, parallel flow or coil, with or without the filter.


In most of the products, there's an installation kit. FrigAir has more than 1.000 references and a range that cover the 90% of the vehicles on the road.

Products for Trucks, Buses, Agricultural and Earth-Moving Machineries

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